75 Years Ago Today - The Battle of Midway!
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2017-06-04 15:47:31 UTC
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Historian John Keegan called it "the most stunning
and decisive blow in the history of naval warfare."

US carriers at Pearl just before Battle of Midway:
HORNET CV8 26 May (last 2)


John Ford's "The Battle of Midway" (1942)
Digitally Restored Color
video (18:10)

Battle of Midway (1942) - War footage
video (6:06)

Midway: "Battle of Midway Analysis" (1950) US Navy
Training Film; World War II in the Pacific
video (26:43)

Battle Maps

The Fleets approach Midway - Conflict map
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Battle for Midway: Overall Operations on 4 June
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Battle for Midway: US Attacks on the Japanese Carriers,
09.20 - 10.28 (5 June)
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Various Pics

Midway Island
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Soryu under B-17 attack during Battle of Midway
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Akagi under B-17 attack during Battle of Midway

Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryu burning, morning of 5 June 1942
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Japanese Heavy Cruiser Mikuma after been bombed

Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga, after her 1936 modernization
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USS Yorktown being abandoned, 4 June 1942
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On board USS Yorktown after she was hit by dive bombers
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Wildcat hard landing on Yorktown causing guns to fire
killing several on ship

USS Hammann sinking with stern high
2017-06-05 23:06:51 UTC
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US Navy's Battle of Midway tribute

A Battle that Changed History

2 June 2017 By Elizabeth M. Collins,
Defense Media Activity

Video produced by: Daniel Zaborowski, Defense Media
Activity Narrated by: Chief Musician Courtney Williams
U.S. Navy Band

The roar was deafening. The black, billowing smoke
could be seen for miles.

Chased by faster, more nimble Japanese Zeros, and dodging
antiaircraft fire, American pilots in Douglas Devastators
dropped their torpedoes, aiming at enemy battleships and
carriers far below, floating like toy boats in the turquoise
water, somewhere near a tiny, remote atoll known as Midway,
after its location roughly halfway between North America
and Asia. All but a few were consigned to watery graves
in the depths of the Pacific.

Their sacrifice wasn't in vain, however, for they distracted
the enemy, keeping the lethal Zeros away from American
dive bombers, who unleashed fires of vengeance on some
of the very ships that had wrought so much destruction
at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, six months before.

One hit. Two hits. Three. Four. Five.

"Let's hit them again," one pilot said into his radio.
"Let's hit them all."

"Gee, I wish I had one more bomb," another called.

Within minutes, American firepower reduced three Japanese
carriers to flames. Two would be at the bottom of the
sea by nightfall.

read more here...

2017-06-05 23:16:57 UTC
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Unsealed 75 years after the Battle of Midway: New details of an alarming WWII
press leak:

"Six months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the June 7, 1942, edition
of the Chicago Sunday Tribune trumpeted news of a stunning American victory over
a Japanese armada at the Battle of Midway.

“Jap Fleet Smashed by U.S.; 2 Carriers Sunk at Midway: 13 to 15 Nippon Ships
Hit; Pacific Battle Rages,” the front-page headlines read. And in the center of
the page, an intriguing side story: “Navy Had Word of Jap Plan to Strike at

It was a fascinating, and detailed, description of much of what American
intelligence knew beforehand of the enemy’s fleet and plans. Indeed, it was too

The report — 14 paragraphs long — suggested a secret U.S. intelligence coup, and
it became one of the biggest and potentially damaging news leaks of World War