The Focke-Wulf Fw189 Restoration Society
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2019-08-27 13:12:28 UTC
To whom it may concern;

Hello, I have a wrist watch that I believe is a fw189a-1 pilot watch. It is a chronograph with an eagle clutching a swastika in the center and directly below that it says luftwaffe fw. 189A-1. The back of the watch has a large swastika stamped in the center and a small one at the bottom edge along with the numbers 786 at top and d1943h at the bottom. All stamped in the case. I’m trying to find more information about it and any help would be appreciated. My email ***@gmail.com thank
Dean Markley
2019-08-29 11:39:22 UTC
Post by e***@gmail.com
To whom it may concern;
It's almost certainly a reproduction out of the former USSR: