U.S. President says Taliban talks are canceled after Kabul bombing.
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Oleg Smirnov
2019-09-08 10:44:20 UTC
Carrot and stick.
Big ups to the President. He is showing the olive branch and making
the Taliban reveal themselves as heels.
But the Taliban don't seem to give a freak.

They control most part of Afghanistan and seek to negotiate
from the position of strength, 'cause they know that the Yankee
will have to go home anyway.

For example, July 7, the Taliban commited a terrorist attack
demonstratively, right before the
upcoming round of negotiations, - but the next day the American
special high envoy expressed a great satisfaction about the
negotiation <http://bit.ly/2m0feJX>, as if nothing happened.
He did the same thing with Iran and their attacks on shipping before
they started grabbing merchant ships overtly. He got them to show
themselves and drop the deniability.
Oleg Smirnov
2019-09-09 07:35:23 UTC
<http://tinyurl.com/y5cbm9es> reuters.com

.. will cost more American lives, the Taliban said ..

<http://tinyurl.com/y49x6wzx> moonofalabama.org

It is doubtful that the meeting was planned at all. .. On Friday
the Afghan President Ghani already said that he would not come to
Washington. And would the Taliban leaders really step on a U.S.
plane or helicopter to fly to Camp David when the real destination
might well be Guantanamo Bay? ..

.. As a resident of Frederick County, where Camp David is
located, I'm highly skeptical as I have seen no evidence of
planning and preparation. ..

The negotiations with the Taliban were never going to work anyway.
The blob wants to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the Taliban
want them out. All of them. The recent negotiations in Qatar were
going nowhere .. Why negotiate with the Taliban at all? As the
U.S. can do little to them they would have no incentive to stick
to any promise they make. / The U.S. should just leave as long as
it can. There will come a point when the only way out will be by
helicopter from the embassy roof .. That day will come sooner than
many assume. ..

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