So, when their son was 10 years old ----
(too old to reply)
2019-10-30 16:51:47 UTC
So, when their son was 10 years old, the wife kept
being bothered by thoughts that he did not look like
either her or her husband. She did a DNA test and
found out that indeed, he was not theirs. She told
her husband what she had found out, and he replied,
"You don't remember do you??? When we were leaving
the hospital, the baby pooped, and you told me to
take him back inside and change him. So I did.
I went back inside and got a clean one and left the
dirty one there."

The wife fainted.

Sometimes, even when we do what they tell us to do,
we get in trouble.
Colonel Edmund J. Burke
2019-10-30 17:10:55 UTC
Tomorrow is halloween. Me and Pleasance plan to cuddle up with our Free Netflix and see some scary movies.
If she gets too scared I'll just slip her Ye Olde Gherkin. <wink>