Interesting Quora about China's goals & Navy & total strength
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2021-03-08 16:56:55 UTC
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China has built the world's largest navy. Now what's Beijing going to do
with it and what should the US and the rest of the world do?

A couple of years ago when we were living in Shenzhen, China before we
left when the pandemic arose, I was having coffee with Chinese friends.
They were all excited about a new ‘destroyer’ that China had just
launched and had lots of photos and a list of new ships in the Chinese navy.

I was quite taken back as these were normally pretty level headed guys
talking at the most about the economy, but never military. Then they
showed me this photo and I was blown away. Xi Jin Ping in full military
camo looking out over his vast fleet like a 15th century emperor.

Don’t worry about China?

Every day the Chinese see these images and are told over and over that
China is going to rule the world. Step by step, ship by ship, new port
by new port on the Belt and Road initiative. Connecting China to every
ocean, every continent, every major port in the world where as you can
read from other answers to this question, they intend to dominate and to
tell every country what to do.

No western leader since WWII has dressed up in military uniforms as it
sends the absolutely wrong signal to the rest of the world. Over the
past 25 years, the US has learned once again to its folly that you
cannot go into another country and tell them to stop doing something,
even if they send in suicide bombers to blow up your most iconic buildings.

Can you imagine for instance, if some jihadi took control of a plane and
crashed it into the Great Hall of the People, then the Forbidden City
and followed it up with Shanghai Tower, the world’s 2nd tallest building
when it was completed a couple of years ago.

With all of this fire power, with this massive navy, with the artificial
islands in the South China Sea, with the ability to overwhelm the tiny
naval presence and defenses of Taiwan, with the US navy scattered around
the world. What would China do?

Even with zero threats, China is forcing itself on to every country. In
its own words, “punishing’ Australia for having the audacity to ask for
an independent enquiry to the origins of a virus that has ravaged the
world which was enough to cut off wine, resources, food, just about
everything from Australia.

And China now ‘owns’ the port of Darwin for the next 100 years, do you
think the Australians can stop the Chinese navy from turning that into a
home port?

So while all the CCP trolls and angry ranters go on and on and say get
out of the SCS or we are coming to get you like you did us in the 100
years of shame, or it is our turn, our destiny to rule the world, we all
should take a deep breath and begin to think seriously about sitting
down together and discussing what exactly are the goals of this emerging
soon to be the worlds most powerful super power, before we are just
satellites in the global Chinese empire.

As my Chinese friends sat there joking about how many missiles the new
destroyer has, if it could ram and sink a US carrier or how many more it
would take to surround Taiwan and cut it off from the world, I realized
that the propaganda machine of the CCP had done more than enough to
energize the people of China to be ready to take on and fight any
country in the world regardless of the consequences. As one put it, well
if the destroyer sunk and we lost a few more, we can always build new
ones no problem and we have a lot more people than the US and they will
get tired soon enough and we can just take Taiwan like we have the South
China Sea.

Yes indeed they believe they can.

----- some comments ------

20h ago
“China” does not “own” the Port of Darwin. The privately owned
Landbridge Corporation won a bid for a 99 year lease on the port’s

Yes, there are close ties between the owner of Landbridge and the
communist party. You don’t get to be a billionaire in China without
close ties to the communist party.

There is a similar Chinese lease on the (Australian) port of Newcastle.

I mention this not to imply approval, nor to be pedantic, but rather for
the sake of avoiding false impressions.

17h ago
Hey mate, it was enough for the Australian govt and the US navy to have
to build another port in Darwin for the joint navies for security
reasons. You can paper it over, but it is Chinese controlled and that
means the CCP and it is not just benign as you are suggesting. If you
want to argue that, then go for it as having lived in China off and on
since 1982, nothing happens with a Chinese company without govt overall
control. And a port? It is ridiculous to try to parse this as something
that is ok or your clarification which is meaningless.

17h ago
You misunderstand me. I thought it stank at the time, and it still
stinks. Nor do I think for a moment that the CCP is the least bit
benign, and I don’t think that I implied they were.

I did however want to put into the discussion the actuality of the

BTW, there was a typo in my original comment “with,” instead of
“without” that fundamentally changed the meaning. Now fixed.
2021-03-08 17:12:08 UTC
Post by a425couple
Yes indeed they believe they can.
So did the Japanese in 1941...
2021-03-09 04:24:40 UTC
Post by Byker
Post by a425couple
Yes indeed they believe they can.
So did the Japanese in 1941...
I believe your 1941 comparing the US strengths
over Japan,
as being somewhat comparable to current US strengths
over China, fails on several levels.

In 1941 US had quite a bit larger population
and around 5 times the economic output.
Currently China has 4 times the population and
is about 70% the economic output.
Their space, naval and computer skills are high quality.

data from

In population, the USA had 133 million, and Japan
only hoped to think they had 100 million (more like 73 M).
Wartime GDP of the Great Powers
1941 in International Dollars and 1990 Prices (billions)*

USA 1094 Japan 196
(for comparison, UK 344, France 130, Italy 144,
USSR 359, Germany 412, Austria 29)

China 1,439,000,000
India 1,380,000,000
US 331,000,000

United States 20,807,269 (US$million)
China 14,860,775
Japan 4,910,580
Germany 3,780,553
United Kingdom 2,638,296